60-Second Assessment Offered by Maryland Test Prep Educator is Key Diagnostic Tool in Choice between SAT and ACT

In the increasingly competitive college entrance environment, veteran SAT/ACT educator and head of Montgomery County, Maryland’s Breakthrough Test Prep, says assessing your teen’s learning and thinking patterns is crucial to success.

Potomac, MD – March 24, 2015 – With the ACT now more popular nationally than the SAT, parents and teens are seeking reliable ways to help determine which to take. Breakthrough Test Prep(c), serving DC, Maryland, and Virginia offers a proven tool to help you make this decision.

All colleges and universities accept the ACT, which has been gaining market share since 2007 not long after the College Board made major changes in the SAT. The ACT to cite one difference, is now longer than the SAT. 

In Montgomery County, MD, ACT participation has risen 21% over the past 5 years.  In 2013, 1.8 million students took the ACT nationally while 1.5 million took the SAT.

At the University of Maryland, the middle 50% scored between 28 and 32.   SAT scores ranged from 1260 to 1410 (math and reading — does not factor in the writing score).  Statewide, 78% more students took the ACT than in 2013. 

There are some basic differences between the ACT and SAT and some essential bottom lines. The SAT involves about 70% learning new strategies and techniques, along with improving skill sets, with 30% practice testing.

The ACT involves about 30% learning new strategies and techniques, and improving skill sets, with 30% practice testing.

What is your teen to do — take an actual SAT or ACT to determine which is the better test for them? There is an alternative, one with a proven track record of producing higher scores:  The ‘60 Second ACT vs SAT Assessment’ by Breakthrough Test Prep.

It will quickly reveal which is the better exam based upon thinking style and personality, determine what type of learner your teen is.

“Since the 1970’s, I have tutored so many students and came to realize that certain personalities and ways of problem solving lend to performing better on one test over the other,” said Harriet Broder of Breakthrough Test Prep.

“Each student has particular characteristics, and detectable patterns that can be quantified,” Broder adds. “This is what our ‘60-Second ACT vs SAT Assessment’ does. Students often remark how easy and reliable it is.”

From a president’s daughter to the children of many Washington area VIPs, students also complete a Student Profile Questionnaire. This is followed by a strategy session with Broder.

In dozens of presentations at schools in the Washington area, she is known for her passionate and very frank assessments of the state of standardized testing in the United States.

About Breakthrough Test Prep:

For more than 30 years, Breakthrough Test Prep has helped students at all levels raise SAT/ACT scores using a proprietary system combining successful test-taking techniques with teaching core critical reading, problem solving, and mindset and anxiety reduction skills. 

From the Ivy-League bound daughter of a U.S. president, to students struggling with improving critical thinking skills, Harriet Broder offers one of the few services that provides respected and successful individualized instruction, and personalized and ongoing communication with the parent. 

To learn more about Harriet Broder, visit: http://breakthroughtestprep.com/

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