Latest Dental Implant procedure Sweeps the Washington Heights Community

Washington Heights, NY – Dr Arvind Philomin, a dentist offering dental implants in Washington Heights, has made significant breakthroughs in his application of dental implant technology. Since the beginning of the dental implant procedure, this type of dental restoration has been costly, time consuming and sometimes uncertain in its level of success for the patient. It is similar to the idea of laser surgery to correct nearsightedness. That technology was limited to a few very wealthy and brave individuals. Today it is a common procedure. The new techniques and high-tech tools used by Arvind Philomin aim to make dental implants in the 10032 area just as successful.

Dental implants began with a long drawn out process of putting in a bone graft, waiting for it to heal, placing the post, waiting for that to heal, then creating impressions of the patient’s mouth to design the implant. Finally, the implant would be created in a dental lab and placed onto the post. Dr Arvind Philomin has been implementing the guided implant surgery method for years now. This is using simple computer files from CT scans of the patient’s mouth and transferring the data to create ideal guides. Guides can be placed onto patient’s mouth and by making tiny puncture holes onto the patients gums, Implants can be placed in the bone without any major trauma, bleeding and pain to the patient.

For the patient what this means is no more painful cutting open of gums in order to properly insert the implant. Using this technology at Esthetix Dental Spa, Dr Philomin is able to smoothly and skillfully place the implants and accelerate the healing process. Dr Philomin and his team are working toward using these files to go one step further, Creating ideal teeth before the procedure has even started with their new CADCAM machine technology known to the common man as a 3D printer.

Popular Science has predicted that in the future, researchers could harvest a patient’s own stem cells to regenerate teeth. The implantation of teeth that are a genetic match to the patient would have unparalleled levels of success, as the body would recognize the new teeth as “self”, and not reject them. While this may happen in some distant future, the present and immediate future belong to the dental implants technology.

About Dr Philomin:

Arvind Philomin, DDS uses state-of-the-art dental implant technology and equipment to provide exemplary care to every patient needing dental implants in the 10471 area and nearby. Patients at Esthetix Dental Spa can feel confident about the work being done and their new, beautiful smile. Patients living in Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, Riverdale and the Bronx should look to the only dental office offering the “Teeth in a day”, Esthetix Dental Spa.

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