Stefan Petrovski is Photodocumenting the Disappearing Villages of Macedonia

Macedonia is a gloriously beautiful nation with culture, traditions and history that stretches back many thousands of years.  This country has undergone a multitude of changes throughout its rich history, from world leader to key Balkan state.  Modern Macedonia remains one of the great destinations of Europe, but due to a stagnant economy, many of its young people have sought homes in more favorable economic climates.  This has left many of its remote villages subject to abandonment. There are about 1,650 villages, some of which are abandoned, some of them still have residents and are primarily populated by the elderly, and some , but not many have normal populations.

Macedonian native Stefan Petrovski recognized that the loss of these regional towns is a great tragedy.  Each town or village possesses a unique culture and traditions which are not found anywhere else.  When the last of these residents leave or pass away, these important cultural touchstones will be lost forever. 

To help preserve these disappearing cultures, Stefan is currently journeying to each of these villages and photographing the remaining vestiges of their buildings, residents, and traditions. At each stop, he meets the remaining inhabitants and attempts to learn their stories, so that he can share them with others. He has already photographed 80 villages and plans to complete his photographic journey within the next five years. 

This photo-documentary is an ambitious project that will help preserve the images and memories of the Macedonian people.  In order to complete this project, Stefan is asking the public to support him financially through his Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The funds raised through this campaign will enable him to obtain all-terrain transportation, as well as aerial photographic equipment necessary to capture the singular beauty of the Macedonian countryside and historical structures.  In return for supporting this project, backers are eligible for valuable perks like high definition photos, laminated prints, T-shirts, Macedonian guide books, and trips to Macedonian resorts. 

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