Bride of the Nile Adventure Game on Kickstarter

Osaka, JA – On March 4 2015, Abdalla Barakat launched an Indiegogo campaign for ‘Bride of the Nile’, a 3D action/adventure game based on Egyptian history. The game follows a yearly festival during which the Egyptians were believed to sacrifice a virgin to the Nile. 

“The story is deep, with plot twists and based on historical true events, with different themes. You will take part of historical battles between pharaohs, Persians, Arabs and Byzantines,” the creator explains, “You will play as a Byzantine noble fighting to save the girl he loves, you will also play as an Egyptian girl escaping from an oppressive military rule…”

‘Bride of the Nile’ is an action-packed 3D adventure game that is also a tale of bravery and love. This game invites players to face tyranny in 7th century Egypt, and is one of few media productions brought to the international market that introduces Egyptian culture and history with native voice acting. 

“Until we start to create the complete 3D game, we decided to create ‘Bride of the Nile’ as a story (visual novel) and it is already released to the Android Play Store in Arabic and Japanese,” says Barakat, “We need at least $55,000 to create the complete 3D adventure game ‘Bride of the Nile’ with higher quality for 3D, gameplay and 2D drawings, to refurbish existing parts, add support to different languages, and release it on Android, iOS and PC devices.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including Bride of the Nile on Android, iOS, or PC, your name in the game credits, your logo as a sponsor on the game’s website or in the credits, and more.  

To learn more about the game, check out the Indiegogo project here or contact the creator below.

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