Adaptive. Powerful. Portable. Adaptalux Brings Macro Photography Lighting To The Studio Level

UK based company Adaptalux Ltd has this week launched a new product through Kickstarter and is watching with excitement as support grows by the hour for this UK designed product.

The product is called Adaptalux and it is an adaptable, miniature portable lighting studio designed for macro photography, macro videography and product photography. It allows for an infinite amount of lighting environments to be created, in an effortless and adaptable way, all under one product.

Launched less than 72 hours ago, it has already raised over £18,000, with 37 days left to go.

It has already got companies such as PetaPixel, Gizmag and F-Stoppers writing about it.

Creator and Product Designer for Adaptalux, Samuel Granger said, “The team are incredibly excited about the future of Adaptalux. We have been planning this for a long time, and feel we are finally ready to deliver this fantastic product.”

“This is just the start of the Adaptalux range, we have many more concepts in development, which will expand Adaptalux’s capabilities even more.”

Adaptalux is innovatively created around modular design, which means the user can ‘build’ the lighting environment to their exact requirements with ease. The product is unique to every user, as there is no set way of using it. 

Martin Brenig-Jones, Co-Owner and Business Director said: “This lighting system for macro photography is all about innovation and creativity, both in the product design and the incredibly creative pictures and videos it allows photographers to make without having to travel the world. Macro photography subjects are everywhere and look amazing with the right lighting!”

Key features are:

• Can control a vast range of lighting properties all under one portable product

• Can be used independently or mounted to a camera or tri-pod

• Small and sleek compact design that compliments your existing photographic equipment

• Continuous powerful lighting that makes macro videography more accessible than ever

• The Adaptalux App, for sharing lighting set-ups around the world

• The Adaptalux team are keen to see this project succeed so they can inspire generations of photographers

“This is just the start of Adaptalux, our goal is to make macro photography and videography accessible to everyone, regardless of photographic ability.”


Adaptalux Ltd. consists of a small team of talented, innovative people who are passionate about photography and videography. They are dedicated to giving people the opportunity to make their images and videos better regardless of ability, through product design.

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