The Saplings Preschool in Sanbornton, NH Will Soon Offer Children a Safe, Exciting Environment to Explore and Enjoy Nature

The growing preponderance of scientific evidence supports the belief that humans need a strong connection with nature to maintain their emotional and mental well-being.  For this and future generations, it is essential that they remove themselves from the sterile, artificial settings that homes, schools and offices have become and reestablish a relationship with the outdoors.  Not only do children who spend time in nature perform better academically, but they also enjoy improved emotional health. 

A new school, Saplings, a forest and nature preschool, is based on these powerful principles. Established by Jacqulyn Riendeau, Saplings will help young children learn about and explore the natural world.  These youngsters will encounter the beauty, serenity and biodiversity of plant and animal life as well as the supporting environment.  This nature-based education will help these children embrace life outside of computers and help establish a lifelong love affair with the natural world.

Saplings will be much more than a preschool; this is a wonderful opportunity for parents and members of the local community, and supporters of the children and nature movement to give back to future generations. This promising school could help dozens of youngsters open their eyes to the wonders outside, but it requires the financial support of others.  To raise the $15,000 needed for the purchase of a one room yurt, septic system, well and pumping system, Jacqulyn Riendeau and her team have sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for supporting this important project, you are eligible for rewards like a month’s tuition, journal, a Backyard Box, a year of enrollment, or discounted admission to Saplings. 

To learn more about Saplings or to make a financial pledge, please visit:

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