Absolute Hookup Publishes Exclusive New Guide to Dating a Cougar

New work addresses one of the hottest topics in the world of romance, providing helpful, proven advice gleaned from top casual dating app’s extensive user base, Absolute Hookup reports

The makers of Absolute Hookup, the world’s top casual dating app, published a new guide to dating older women. Known colloquially as “cougars,” middle-aged women who particularly enjoy dating much younger men have become something of a cultural phenomenon in recent years, making waves everywhere from blockbuster Hollywood films to the most popular online social networking sites. Absolute Hookup’s new guide to arranging for the perfect Cougar Hookup is the most comprehensive and useful of its sort to be found anywhere, conveying practical, proven advice in an entertaining way.

“Getting together with a woman of a certain age is becoming a rite of passage for many young people today,” Absolute Hookup representative Fiona Grey said, “By surveying and studying the experiences of our romantically active users, we have been able to put together and publish the Internet’s most helpful guide for those pursuing such relationships. It’s available right now on our website, so we encourage everyone with an interest to come take a look.”

With the development now in full swing as a firmly entrenched part of global romantic culture, some observers identify the beginning of the cougar movement as Demi Moore’s 2005 marriage, at age 43, to fellow Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years younger. Whether that event helped more middle-aged women become comfortable with dating notably younger men or was simply a sign of the times is impossible to say, but it is clear that the phenomenon has become far more widespread in the decade since.

Today, younger people are just as likely to seek out more mature female partners as the other way around, with many coming to appreciate the experience, financial security, and justified confidence that these women often have to offer. Absolute Hookup’s new guide to dating a so-called “cougar” lays out a number of pieces of advice that have proven to be most helpful to users of the company’s casual dating app, making it the best-tested and most valuable resource of its kind anywhere.

Many will also find in the Absolute Hookup app itself the perfect way of meeting someone older. The app is designed to easily match users with compatible romantic partners who are seeking casual connections and boasts a huge worldwide user base. Signing up with the app and using it from a smart phone takes only a minute, after which users are well on their way to casual dating fun and excitement.

The new guide to dating a cougar is available at the Absolute Hookup website, where new users can also register for free to make use of the company’s app. In addition to keeping its industry-leading app updated, Absolute Hookup regularly publishes fun, useful articles like the recently published guide to dating an older woman.

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