KoalaSafe Kickstarter Helps Parents Provide a Healthier Internet

Sydney, AU – On March 18 2015, Steven Pack launched a Kickstarter campaign for KoalaSafe, a new device that makes it easier keep your kids safe on the internet. Pack designed this product after he experienced the internet’s effects on his niece and nephew firsthand, and knew something needed to change. 

“We like to compare the current situation to the 70’s when no one thought about the impact of a car accident with their child in a seat made for an adult. These days no one would put a child in a car without a safety seat,” the founder Adam Mills explains, “Today parents let their kids wander around a digital world made for adults with no thought to how a digital ‘accident’ may affect their child. Soon no parent will think it’s normal to let their children wander the digital world without protection.”

Have you had trouble getting your child off the internet? Seen that glazed look on their faces, or worried that they might accidentally stumble upon something that can never be unseen? KoalaSafe is a new solution that seamlessly fits into your family’s daily life. KoalaSafe is a simple box that plugs into your home router. It can connect to all of your children’s devices and is easily controlled by smartphone. 

With KoalaSafe you can set time limits for when your kids are online. As a parent your own devices are not monitored and you can log into shared devices in parent mode to search filter free. KoalaSafe gives parents insight on what apps their kids are using most, filters Google and YouTube search results, and lets you block apps or websites that are deemed inappropriate. 

“Like the problem of children riding in adult car seats, this is not a parenting issue! It’s a technology issue. KoalaSafe is a device that lets parents and children see exactly how they spend their time online,” Pack says, “It provides data that allows parents and children to engage in meaningful discussions. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is not wandering without them through some unknown digital city.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including an early bird KoalaSafe for $70 (approximately $55 USD), or get one Koalasafe for $90 (approximately $70 USD). Backers can also receive 3 KoalaSafes for $210 (about $165 USD). 

To learn more about KoalaSafe, check out the Kickstarter project here or contact the creator below.

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