Ayurleafherbals.com Launched Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress for Indian and Global Consumers

Fighting work related stress is a major challenge for today’s professionals and business persons. Ayurleafherbals.com, a Mumbai, India based herbal and food supplements manufacturer, recently launched herbal stress medicines.

Ayurleafherbals.com, a unit of Bio-Baxy Technologies, has been manufacturing export-quality herbal and food supplements since its inception in the year 2002. Recently, the herbal medicine manufacturers launched a range of medicines for stress. The owners of the herbal medication research firm have claimed that the medicines will be highly effective in fighting stress, no matter whatever the cause of stress is. They have also added that since these products are made completely of organic materials, these should have no side effects on the patients and it has been proven already.

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Ayurvedic medicine for stress is sought after across the world as consumers are really tired of all those harmful steroids and false promises. According to one of the top officials from Ayurleafherbals.com, they always laid emphasis on research and the new line of herbal products are a direct upshot of the years of research they have put into it. He claimed that the herbal remedies for depression have zero side-effects and anybody can take them without worrying too much about the side effects. He also added that the herbal supplements for weight loss that they are selling for years are extremely popular now among Indian youth and are exported in large quantities to other countries as well.

“The best part of ayurvedic herbal medicine is that you don’t end up getting other medical conditions. You will not experience nausea, headache, dizziness and other common side-effects of steroids that we always advocate against. Even ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is also increasing in popularity among the aging population. It’s the secret India has known for centuries and we have just reinvented and repackaged the secret to a stress-free life. Our credit lies in the research and hard work that our researchers and pharmacists have put,” said the CEO of Ayurleafherbals.com

Another senior executive from the company claimed that they are offering fast shipment to different US cities such as California, Florida, Virginia, New York, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey now and cash-on-delivery is now an option for Indian consumers. “We want to spread the word first. We want to let people know the benefits of medicine for stress,” he said.

About the Company

Ayurleafherbals.com is a trading division of Bio-Baxy Technologies.

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