Quality Certifications Give Plastics Company Underground Tornado Shelter Advantage

The looming threat of tornadoes and inclement storms are a growing concern to families all across parts of the United States, as the 2015 tornado season is off to a historically slow start.  The slow start to the season is allowing a number of families to be proactive in their tornado safety planning.  After storms caused damage, destruction and death in a number of states the last few years, many families are opting to add an underground storm shelter to their safety and preparedness plans. As many consumers are finding out, no two tornado shelters are built exactly alike.

Through the decade, there has been a growing number of companies and individuals selling, distributing and installing shelters through the country. While many of these companies are quality, innovation and solutions minded, there is little regulation providing customer assurance of safety and quality in the shelter industry.  The ICC, the International Code Council offers some design and specifications criteria for underground storm shelters and above ground safe rooms, however there is little oversight as to the actual quality that is being built into the units.

Most, if not all, above ground safe rooms are fabricated from steel or other materials.  These units are only as safe as the quality that is built into the unit.  As with all products, at times, variations will occur. The quality and consistency will vary from unit to unit and from one welding personnel to another, not to mention from one company to another.  The same holds true when creating mixtures of concrete.

The Granger ISS, In-ground Safety Shelter, is a seamless rotationally molded unit consisting of a double-walled construction.  The double wall construction features (2) impressive one-half inch thick walls, which is complemented by a VOC exempt foam, for additional structure, rigidity and reduced condensation.  Condensation can plague both above ground and underground shelters, contingent upon the location and installation.  The build of condensation can cause rusting, paint issues or even deterioration in structural integrity.  Plastic tornado shelters however, do not have any concerns with rusting, rotting or paint popping off, like their steel counterparts. The rotational molding process provides storm shelter quality advantages by eliminating a number of opportunities for human error that could be attributed to welding, mixing concrete or even spraying fiberglass.

Many shelters offer little innovation as most of them are cookie cutter duplicates of previously designed units.  The Granger ISS offers a patented, innovative design, which allows for installation in virtually any location, without the requirements of a costly, labor intensive anchoring system.  This allows for the underground shelter to be installed in approximately 4 hours.

Granger Plastics holds a quality control certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, which forces strict adherence to the highest of quality standards.  Granger’s underground shelter, which also meets or exceeds FEMA 320 standards and the applicable ICC 500 standards, offers consumers a superb level of near absolute protection.  The unit’s door also meets or exceeds both FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 debris impact standards for both below ground and above ground tornado shelters. Granger successfully completed these tests utilizing the same door for both tests.

Granger Plastics Company, a division of Granger Industries, is a world recognized rotational molding company located in Middletown, Ohio. Specializing in large parts and manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products Granger is a full service rotomolding company, from design to delivery with a metals and tooling shop in house. Granger Industries includes Granger Plastics Company, ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products.

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