An End Is Slowly Being Brought to the Tim Tjernagel Scam

Every day that passes, people from all around the world begin questioning the integrity of religions and asking if many of them are something else apart from just a business. A certain issue has raised awareness, as Tim Tjernagel has reportedly scammed a couple of people, while also creating questionable operations that can be easily classified as scams.

With this factor in mind, reports indicate that Tim Tjernagel has scammed a large number of Christians from central Iowa, of an amount that is now estimated to be of nearly 3.2 million dollars. The entire scam has been carried out across a long period of time, that being 18 years, which means that an incredibly large amount of people have fallen victims to this scam. The idea is to try and fund a questionable mission in Spain, which is under the world team meant to collect a tax free 18% commission on all of the donations and pledges that have been solicited by Tim Tjernagel.

After careful examination of the scam process, the money has the been traced down to a small church in Spain, which has roughly 20 members. These are all American Missionaries operating under the same scam as the one that Tim Tjernagel is a part of. With these factors in mind, several churches, all in Central Iowa have reportedly been giving a good part of their missionary budget over to Tim Tjernagel, but also the World Team.

These churches surely include the following:

• Salem Lutheran Church Roland, Iowa
• Immanuel Lutheran Church Story City. Iowa
• Free Harvest Church Story City, Iowa
• Stavanger Lutheran Church Garden City, Iowa
• Fjeldberg Lutheran Church Huxley, Iowa

An interesting report also indicates that the comedian known as Downzilla, or Don Tjernagel knows about this scams and has begun campaigning against his cousin, as an effort to bring justice and stop the scam. With this factor in mind, he has also started a website against his cousin, meant to make sure that he puts an end to the process once and for all.

Those who are interested can check out the site right here.

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