BikesTail is a High Performance Kit that Converts Almost any Bicycle into a Motorized Version Almost Instantly

When most consumers think about a bicycle that is powered by an electric motor, they usually think of a heavy, clunky and expensive piece of machinery.  A new product called BikesTail, however, can convert almost any bike into a motorized version that is powerful and easy to use.  BikesTail is an ingenious product that quickly attaches to a normal bicycle by hand and can power it at 15 mph for up to two hours. This exciting product weighs only a few pounds and can be attached to almost any bicycle in just a few minutes without the need for any specialized tools.

BikesTail is the product of almost two years of research and design.  Specially engineered for optimal performance and ease of use, BikesTail sports a lightweight aluminum housing which quickly and securely attaches to the rear rack of almost any conventional bike. BikesTail uses a motor that is affixed to the rear tire; once attached, the motor is easily controlled by either a handlebar throttle or a pedal sensor, to cyclists can maintain full and intuitive control over their bike at all times without compromising the thrill of cycling.  When not in use, BikesTail is easily stored in a compact, elegant storage pack that can be easily attached to a bike rack.

The inventors of BikesTail are the Italians, Matteo Martini and Sergio Signori.  This promising product is sure to revolutionize the cycling industry, but it needs your help to make it into mass production.  Matteo and Sergio have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $150,000 needed to begin manufacturing BikesTail kits.  In return for your generous support of this worthwhile new product, you may receive valuable perks like T-shirts or BikesTail kits (at discounted Indiegogo prices). You may also be able to support the rollout of BikesTail by spreading news of this product with friends on Facebook or Twitter. 

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Company Name: BikesTail: Portable Electric Assistant for Bicycle
Contact Person: Sergio Signori
Country: Italy