Bye-Bye to Cassettes & Vinyl: Music Promotion in the Digital Age Has Changed Reports MusicPromoToday

MusicPromoToday reports that the way music artists promote themselves has changed forever

There was a time when self-promotion for the unsigned musician was equivalent to selling cassettes from the back of a modest car. To be sure, it was an expensive ordeal and one that few artists today have experienced. With the coming of the digital age, music promotion has evolved into a global phenomenon, accessible to musicians of all stature. Utilizing social media platforms, unknown artists can now go viral on the web and turn into overnight success stories. 

The trend of online successes, like Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston, is an ongoing one, and building a large digital presence is crucial for every up-and-coming artist. However, as competition on YouTube and other social media platforms grows tougher, musicians are turning to professional marketing services, such as MusicPromoToday (MPT), to navigate the treacherous seas of social media for them, effectively promoting their music. 

Working with Grammy Award winning artists and indie newcomers alike, MPT deals with artist branding, content creation and comprehensive promotion throughout the global music scene.   MPT launches everything from mixtapes to music videos to singles and albums, successfully achieving the views and listens that good music deserves. More often than not, it is expert services like MPT that is the catalyst when an indie artist becomes a signed one.  Very recently, MPT began working with R&B artist, Terry Lane who incidentally did experience self-promotion the old fashioned way, selling thousands of copies of his first album, “Addiction”, in the streets of Killeen, Texas.

Whether Lane was daunted by walking the sidewalks or the complexity of social media marketing isn’t clear. The fact remains however, that at some point the artist felt it necessary to cross over to professional promotion, leaving the grueling task of self-promotion behind. Indeed, it was a sound move for Lane; since partnering with MPT his album is now available on iTunes, plus he’s got a snazzy Facebook page complete with sleek graphics and album artwork.

The days of selling cassettes at five bucks a piece are certainly over, and music promotion is more accessible than it has ever been. But as the online scene continues to grow noisier, it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed through social media platforms and gigs like SoundCloud or BandCamp. In the end it all comes down to a choice for the average musician: partner up with professionals, or face the online crowds alone. 

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MusicPromoToday was founded in 2014, but has operated successfully in the field of digital promotion for nearly a decade as a component of iNexxus, a global leader in digital marketing and public relations.

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