Brett Lechtenberg Brings Bully Prevention to Alabama Schools

Best-selling author and family safety expert Brett Lechtenberg was the featured guest on the Good Morning Lake Martin television show.  Lechtenberg also had audiences with school officials and state legislators while visiting Alabama.

A trained martial arts instructor and family safety expert, Brett Lechtenberg brought the message of his Anti-Bully Program to Central Alabama.

Lechtenberg shared, “Bullying is a big problem.  Because so much attention has been focused on the situation you now have people speaking up about the problem who never did before because they see it as okay to speak up.”

As the best-selling author of the books The Anti-Bully Program as well as The Anti Cyber Bully Program, Lechtenberg has spread his message across the nation primarily through martial arts programs.  His experience running his own school, Personal Mastery Martial Arts, is what led him to develop and write The Anti Bully Program.

His work with local school districts in Sandy, Utah has led to national news coverage.  Lechtenberg’s contributions to podcasts, YouTube channels, and other local news sources attracted the attention of shows like Good Morning Lake Martin, which brought him in to be featured on their program.

“There’s still a lot of confusion defining bullying,” says Lechtenberg.  “I’ve sat down across from more than one principal, more than one teacher, and they say ‘Brett, I’m not exactly sure what bullying is, and what constitutes what is bullying and what is not bullying.’  And how do you fix a problem that you can’t define?”

The Anti-Bully Program sets the parameters for the definition: “Bullying is any repeated actions or words that cause someone else to be scared, intimidated or somehow coerced into doing something they wouldn’t normally do. Many times this stems from a perceived imbalance of power by the person doing the bullying towards the person they want to bully.”

His mission to prevent bullying has also caught the eye of the government.  While in Alabama, he had audiences with State Representatives and Senators to discuss the merits of his Anti-Bully Program.

As a result of his interviews and meetings, Lechtenberg has been invited back to work with the local school system on bullying education and prevention.

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