CaveGrocer App Simplifies Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

For most busy professionals and parents, it is unnecessarily difficult to plan all the meals for a week in advance, calculate the amount of basic supplies and then produce a comprehensive grocery shopping list.  Luckily, the new app CaveGrocer allows you to easily choose from more than 500 meals, customize them to your family size and then obtain a complete, itemized list of supplies needed. CaveGrocer enables you to quickly determine not only what you plan to cook, but also produces a complete list you can use yourself or supply to an online shopping service.

CaveGrocer is the brainchild of Todd McDougall who has worked tirelessly to create this web service. While the CaveGrocer website is currently operational with hundreds of healthy meals, desserts, and snack ideas, Todd is currently in the process of developing the app that will work with mobile devices.  Once completed the CaveGrocer app will allow users to quickly access an array of meal recipes, customize them and determine the total number of ingredients needed for days of meals.

The app development process is a complex one, but once completed, CaveGrocer promises to change the lives of busy professionals and parents everywhere. Todd and his team estimate that the entire development process will require $10,000 to complete, and has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to secure these funds.  These funds will be used to hire additional developers and marketing services. In return for supporting this worthwhile project, backers can receive valuable perks like “Contributor” status on the CaveGrocer website or serving as a Beta tester when the app becomes available. 

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Company Name: CaveGrocer – Customizable Paleo Grocery List
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