Tim Tjernagel Scams Central Iowa Christians

We are often alerted to the scams on our elderly from people online or outside our communities, but you should be aware of the same predators within your families.

My mother made out her will at the age of 91, with all of her children present. At that time she wanted her three children to share equally.  After her death last fall, at the age of 100, the family learned there was a new, updated will.  Mother was taken, at the age of 99, to a local attorney to make out a new will.  She left her whole estate, of something less than $500,000 to her grandson, who is a missionary in Spain.  He had convinced her that his children could not go to college unless he received financial help, and he has convinced the family that he is living in poverty.  

My nephew has been in Spain for 18 years, and many of our local churches help support him.  As one local pastor said, “He is fighting apathy in Spain.”  This pastor is referring to the Spaniards being members of a church, but not attending on Sundays.  I believe this is a problem that every church faces today, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  This missionary has one church in Spain with about 30 people attending, and the support our friends and families have donated has totaled millions of dollars over the past 18 years.

World Team is an organization that recruits and sends missionaries to only a few affluent countries overseas: Spain, France, Brazil, and the Philippines.  They get 18 percent of the donations to administer the program, and they are not endorsed by any church denomination.  This allows them to accept mission money from any church.  This is a mere business.

Let’s fight apathy at home and quit sending our money to rich countries like Spain.

My Mother was not of sound mind, and she was easily coerced into changing her will. The family should have been notified by the attorney that the will had been rewritten to benefit only one grandchild and none of her children. The lesson to be learned is to be ever vigilant in all matters regarding elderly family members.

Churches in the area that are currently giving to World Team:

• Salem Lutheran Church Roland, Iowa
• Immanuel Lutheran Church Story City. Iowa
• Free Harvest Church Story City, Iowa
• Stavanger Lutheran Church Garden City, Iowa
• Fjeldberg Lutheran Church Huxley, Iowa

This letter has been sent out to every household in the Story City, Iowa area.

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