Go Viral With the TripleVMusic App on Kickstarter

Tampa, FL – Video Viral Views is planning the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for TripleVMusic, an indie music promotion app that exposes listeners to breaking singles and lets them decide whether they become popular. The app doubles as a tool for artists to attract viral views to their music videos. Now they plan on raising funds to promote the app in movie theatres such as AMC, Regal, Hollywood, and Cobb theaters with 15 second Music-Trailers.  The Music-Trailers will feature an indie artist appearing on the big screen with their single or music video playing in the background.  This gives the indie artist exposure to hundreds of thousands of monthly movie goers.

“It’s time for the music industry to have two new innovative promotion and marketing tools,” says founder, Roger Singh, “TripleVMusic App and Music-Trailers, both will help indie music artists grow their fans and increase sales!”  

The TripleVMusic App is available for free on Apple and Google Play Stores. Artists can share their singles with potential fans who get to vote for the artists they like. By voting, listeners earn points that go towards free songs from their favorite artists on iTunes, Amazon, or the Video Viral Views.com website. 

Since the TripleVMusic App is linked with YouTube, views on the app increase the artist’s YouTube views. Artists who get a lot of votes can even go up against mainstream artists in the Top 20, a great way to increase your fan base and show labels that you are ready to be signed. 

“Music-Trailers will help spread our very important message to movie goers that the TripleVMusic App is the solution to not only supporting our beloved indie musicians, but stopping online music piracy,” explains Roger Singh.

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a TripleVMusic App Gratitude Coin for $5, a limited edition t-shirt for $25, Viral Video Seeding Packages ranging from $40 to $65, and Corporate Sponsorship to #SupportIndieMusic for $1,000. Artists also have the chance to be featured on the app itself or in the Music-Trailers with pledges from $299 to $7,500. 

To learn more about TripleVMusic, check out the Kickstarter project here or contact the creator below.

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