Canadian company building electronic healthcare record system for rural communities

Evidence Based Healthcare in Rural Communities
Additional funding is needed to complete the project, which will significantly improve medical care in impoverished countries.

The problems with providing healthcare to rural communities are many. In many impoverished areas, medical providers visit once a month or less. Their focus is immediate treatment and providing medication but there is little time, and virtually no systems, for data collection or analysis.

Thus medical records and histories, which are essential components of effective treatment, are nonexistent.

Dr. Amin Adatia, President and Founder of KnowTech Solutions in Ontario, Canada, has the answer. Dr. Adatia is currently working on a project that will enable rural communities to file and store medical records on a laptop. The system will be able to upload patient data directly from medical devices, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

The application is self-contained on the laptop with a database and monitoring devices included. Rural healthcare providers can combine or pool data to form a larger data set and a local hospital would be able to manage several rural locations.

“This represents a tremendous opportunityto improve the healthcare provided to rural communities,” says Dr. Adatia, whose company has been developing electronic health record systems for the past 25 years. “This health network has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare.”

Creating a complete mobile e-Health clinic based on a laptop environment is an expensive proposition, however. Over the past couple of years, KnowTech Solutions has secured $320,000 through internal resources and research tax credits – but another $500,000 is needed to complete the project. It is expected to take about four years, which includes field testing and training. 

In order to raise the $500,000, Dr. Adatia has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at:

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $1,000, backers will receive a lifetime license to Health Effects Dimension, which features constantly updated versions of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes.

A $2,000 pledge is good for a lifetime license to use the application on a laptop or desktop computer.

For $5,000, you can get a laptop computer with a lifetime license to use the application.

“Evidence-based healthcare decision-making relies on not only capturing the health records but also making sure that the data is accurate,” says Dr. Adatia. “The challenge for a rural community is to develop a good foundation of electronic health records.

“The aim of this project is to not only provide a means to build an electronic health records database but also to ensure that the data capture is timely, user-friendly and, most importantly,  precise and accurate.”

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