Globus Browser – Innovative Solution to Secure Internet Browsing

Bringing to the World the Highest Level of Anonymity and Security

London, UK – April 14, 2015 – Solution to secure browsing on the Internet is finally here. Globus Browser is transforming security to the next level so that people can have peace of mind knowing they are protected when they surf the web. By combining VPN and TOR, Globus Browser is able to provide the highest level of anonymity and security to all Internet users to prevent cybercrime, unwanted surveillance, and identity theft. To make this possible, the company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $50,000 by May 24th, 2015.

Currently, Globus Browser is completely free. Users can try it by visiting the website or clicking here. The software is built on the Chromium base that allows individuals to escape from pesky service provider restrictions, while adding more security to everyday Internet surfing. It is simple to use, reliable, and a convenient option that is so advanced it can be used at an international level.

The way it works with a VPN, Virtual Private Network, is all the Internet traffic is encrypted and redirected through Globus owned services in locations around the world. There are servers in England, Germany, US, Russia, and many other areas. The encryption key is an advanced 1028 bit to 2048 bit, which means it will have to take millions of years for even the most experienced hackers to get into the system.

Users of Globus Browser can simply click on where they want the traffic to be redirected, which will protect people from allowing cyber criminals from knowing where his or her IP address is. Consider it a secure tunnel between a persons PC and server. Pair this with TOR sophisticated technology and the formula for maximum online security is created, especially since each time someone visits a site they could potentially be receive thousands of tracking files onto his or her computer. The software is now available on mobile as well.

However, Globus Browser needs funding assistance to make this a reality. Capital raised from IndieGoGo will be used to finish development of the software to get it ready to launch globally. Those wanting to make a contribution can do so by visiting the campaign or clicking here. As a “thank you” for the support, backers of the cause can choose from many attractive rewards.

To find out more about how Globus Browser works and how it will unlock a new way form of Internet browsing, please visit the website.

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