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Sustainable Solution Combats Global Warming By Using Clean Air Instead of Fuel

Silver Spring, Maryland – April 18, 2015AirClear Energy has announced they have discovered an efficient solution that will generate renewable electrical energy without using fuel. The innovative system has two models that both use clean air and wind to create energy that can keep households, businesses, and private entities operating. To build the first plant in Washington, D.C., the company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $500,000.

As a subsidiary of Tajintech, Inc., which was founded in 2013, AirClear Energy is excited to bring to the world a solution to global warming. As the world relies heavily on non-sustainable energy sources, the damage done to the world everyone lives in is irreversible. However, there is a way to stop further harm to the earth with AirClear Energy.

The company created two models: plant model and portable model. Both use clean air compression methods. In the plant model, an enclosed wind turbine will be used to generate renewable energy. The method is efficient, reliable, and dependable by generating pressure that is compressed in the enclosed structure to turn the turbines. As the turbines move, natural air is converted into mechanical energy, the mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy that can be used anywhere. Wind plants that exist today usually have to wait for wind, but in this model there is no need to wait and it will operate longer than current air systems.

AirClear Energy also developed the portable model, which is great to use in living rooms, bedrooms, or any enclosed area. The system extracts proportionate amounts of outside pressure and compresses it. This pressure is used to operate the wind turbines while circulating cool air into the environment, which is perfect to control thermal conditions. Both models are a cheaper energy source that will also support humanitarian needs. It is a reliable source of energy that is also perfect to be used in times of emergencies during natural disasters, refugee camps, or in the remote military locations.

Now the company needs help from supporters to bring the renewable energy source to the world. Funding received from the campaign will go towards building the first plant in Washington, D.C. There are long term goals to build more plants internationally. Those wishing to show support can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo campaign or clicking here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the donation.

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