Scooter Bike Review Offers an Alternative to Gas Price Insurance

Individuals who don’t want to purchase insurance to protect against possible spikes in gas prices find a scooter to be a better option, reports

A new service recently launched which allows consumers to protect themselves against higher gas prices. offers a service where consumers choose a cap on their gas expenses each month. When these expenses go above the capped price they have selected, the consumer gets money back. Individuals who don’t wish to go to this extreme may opt to obtain a scooter bike instead, as these motorized devices are very economical.

“Scooter Bike Review ( provides reviews of various scooter bikes and electric scooters for consumers of all ages. For example, a small scooter may get 100 MPG or more, while larger scooters can easily get 50 MPG or higher. In addition, these scooters cost a great deal less than the average car,” James Crenshaw, spokesperson for Scooter Bike Review, announces.

Children tend to lead busy lives, and scooters offer a way for a youngster to get to various lessons, practices and other extracurricular activities after school and on weekends. Parents find these devices to be extremely cost effective, thanks to their outstanding gas mileage and low purchase price. When selecting a scooter for a child, however, parents need to take care to choose a scooter appropriate for their child’s age and skill level.

“Parents, before purchasing a scooter, need to check out the section on electric scooters for children ( Doing so helps to ensure the parent gets a motorized bike that meets their child’s needs. The X-Treme Scooters Kids X-140 Electric Scooter is a great option for those who have never ridden a scooter before and can travel approximately six miles before it needs to be charged. This is only one of many scooters offered for those new to these devices, so parents need to read through the entire section before selecting a model for their son or daughter,” Crenshaw continues.

Many turn to the Razor Dirt Rocket line of scooters as these devices tend to get good reviews. Parents need to take care, however, when reading through these testimonials. For example, many read the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket review ( thinking it would be perfect for their 12 or 13 year old only to learn it is more suitable for children between the ages of six and nine.

“The reviews offered at Scooter Bike Review help parents avoid costly mistakes. Although one may purchase a scooter and return it in the event it doesn’t meet the child’s needs, this tends to lead to a disappointed youngster. Avoid these problems by carefully researching various scooter models before purchasing. With the information contained in the reviews available at the site, finding the right scooter the first time is an easy task,” Crenshaw reports.


Scooter Bike Review provides information on scooters for every age. Individuals often turn to scooters for environmental reasons, only to discover these motorized devices are very economical. Consumers find the reviews offered through the site to be extremely helpful when choosing a scooter for their unique needs.

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