Food For Sleep Launches Crowdfunding Event On Indiegogo

Provides Athletes and Workout Enthusiasts with a Revolutionary New Sleep and Recovery Aid

Boston, Mass. – April 20 2015 – Scientific Nutrition Products, Inc., a company dedicated to addressing health conditions with scientifically sound nutritional formulations, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its first product, Food for Sleep. The company is aiming to raise over $20,000 to improve the formulation and increase awareness of its product, obtain NSF Sports certification and gain market availability. 

Food for Sleep is a science-based drink, made only from foods, that enhances muscle recovery and promotes healthy sleep. The main ingredients are Montmorency tart cherry juice and a whey protein that is high in tryptophan. These foods have been clinically demonstrated to help people fall asleep safely, improve recovery and wake up feeling energized the next morning.

“Sleep is an essential process for muscle recovery and natural health. Our mission at Food for Sleep is to educate the public on the importance of sleep and provide a gentle and effective solution for those who need it, especially workout enthusiasts,” says Bob Jones, CEO and Founder of Food for Sleep.

Because Food for Sleep contributes to both sleep and muscle repair, a number of marathon runners have tested the drink and chosen to continue with Food for Sleep as part of their training regimen. The team also decided to pursue NSF Sports Certification after many inquiries from professional athletes. 

“I continue to enjoy incredible benefits from the improved sleep I’ve experienced from using Food for Sleep. My consistent pattern of restful sleep has been restored, and my running performance has improved,” says Rick Muhr, the co-founder of the Marathon Coalition and a Boston Marathon running coach. 

Scientific Nutrition Products chose to raise funds on Indiegogo because crowdsourcing is a big investment trend: it helps startup companies validate ideas and provide customers with the best product possible. The company expects to grow its community and obtain valuable feedback through this campaign, in order to better serve customers and increase brand awareness. The team has interviewed early users and is working on improving the formulation of the product to best fit its customers’ needs and priorities.

About Scientific Nutrition Products, Inc.

Scientific Nutrition Products, Inc. is an innovative clinical nutrition company based in Cambridge, Mass. It is dedicated to educating the public on the importance of natural health and providing safe and effective alternatives to products with concerning side effects or a lack of scientific support. The company currently offers Food for Sleep as a healthier sleep aid made with food ingredients backed by scientific studies.

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