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Levyos is an energy powder you can mix with all kinds of beverages- just pour the powder into some water and it will dissolve by itself. You can stir it into yoghurt and even blend it into food. The Levyos boost will give you the energy you need to achieve big things, or simply keep you alert, attentive and creative. 

At its most basic use, the powder can be mixed into all kinds of drinks. But adding it to a water or juice is only the beginning; the Levyos experience can venture into as many different areas as you dare imagine. Creators Fabio and Ralf insisted on doing experiments of all kinds, even in bars and kitchens. Some of the recipes are tested and ready and can be found here. Blending drinks with a kick or injecting your meal with energy is a creative journey for the imaginative consumer.

Levyos is no ordinary product. The inspiration that drives us is much bigger than that. We decided against a big promotion campaign, or even build complicated sale strategies. Instead, Levyos lives in the digital world. Here we can communicate with the consumer. By engaging users and enabling them to participate by contributing their ideas, inventing new mixtures and finally advertising their own creations. The Levyos powder is only the beginning. We don’t seek marketing in bars, kitchens or clubs, rather we like to be discovered and tried by curious individuals. We provide the gateway to an adventurous community, which dares to try experiment in everything thinkable possibility.

We like to share our experiences, more specifically our energy experiences. We like to share our knowledge and welcome the experiences, the creativity and feedback of our community. 

The first product has been developed, samples are ready. As are we, ready to conquer the market. Crowdfunding is the cornerstone of our community. We are excited to hear your ideas and to develop Levyos together.

Ingridients (per 2.5 gr. Stick)**:
Taurine (875mg), acid cirtric acid, colouring food beetroot, aroma (lactose), sugar, raising agent, sodium carbonates, caffeine (75mg), sweeteners stevioglycoside, colouring titanium dioxides, iron oxides, iron hydroxides.

** solved in 250 ml liquid. With colouring and sweetener.

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