Rainey’s Kenpo Karate Launches New Website To Promote Washington Karate Instruction Online

Rainey’s Kenpo Karate of Washington state have just created a new website to promote their unique dojo and services, of Kenpo Karate Defensive tactics and self defense for real world application.

Kenpo is the word used to describe several Japanese martial arts traced back to Shaolin Kung Fu Systems, Kenpo is characterized by a system of self defense that aims to terminate a physical altercation as quickly and emphatically. Kenpo is uniquely comprised of both linear and circular striking patterns reactive countering maneuvers, Kenpo was introduced in the US and Americas by the late Senior Grand Master Ed Parker. Mr Parker revolutionized Kenpo. This exposure to other martial Arts, Kenpo in the US and internationally has become known as American Kenpo. Mr. Rainey continues to learn and practice Kenpo in true fashion of Parker/Hebler Linage having taught Kenpo since 1973.

He has continued to refine and define his brand of Tiger and Dragon Style Kenpo Martial Arts. He teaches and shares his aggressive and explosive form of Kenpo karate with many in and out of Kenpo, who would learn or explore Kenpo karate and MMA from his perspective. Rainey’s Kenpo Karate has launched this new website to promote their services.

The Kenpo karate Federal Way, WA dojo offers not only karate and explores MMA tactics as well as instruction Defensive Tactics classes and introduction to self defense tactics both for women groups and Security / Public safety groups. A’sa Rainey’s Kenpo also teaches instills positive principles in its youth classes and competition training as a means of combat both anti-bullying combative scenarios along with role model awards, discipline and leadership role model skill sets. They offer both group classes with the opportunity to apply techniques to a wide range of opponents, and one on one classes to hone technique and advance practice for gradings.

For anyone looking to study Kenpo karate Federal Way Washington is one of the best places to find Kenpo karate classes under the tutelage of A.C. Rainey. The new website describes his approach and expertise, as well as sharing video content from Kenpo karate classes in WA.

A spokesperson for Rainey’s Kenpo Karate explained, “The new website is a wonderful resource for people searching for martial arts classes in Washington. It includes information on our classes and courses and a short information of our Master Sifu A.C. Rainey. 

We offer everything from adult and children’s classes to competition conditioning and one on one classes, with full details of our schedule available to view online too. With the video introductions, people can see exactly what to expect. We strive to provide the tools to everyone that will result in an increase of both patience and confidence to learn a martial art thusly gaining a high acumen and adept skill set no matter what their fitness level. We know from experience that this results in a strong sense of empowerment. We look forward to meeting new students.”

Rainey’s Kenpo Karate is a dojo located in Washington. A’sa Rainey’s T&D Kenpo Karate provides for learning and instruction, in group classes, Defensive Tactics, self defense classes, MMA as well as private and semi- private one-on-one sessions. Classes are offer both thrice weekly during daytime as well as in the evenings. The Dojo is closed on Sundays as well as national holidays.

For more information please visit: http://www.acraineyskenpokarate.com/

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Company Name: A’sa Rainey’s T&D Kenpo Karate
Contact Person: AC Rainey
Email: pr@acraineyskenpokarate.com
Phone: (253) 838-1703
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