Gas Grill Advice Reveals the Health Benefits Associated with Grilling

With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to obtain a new gas grill, reports reports grilling is beneficial for one’s health and, with summer quickly approaching, now is the time to begin looking for a new grill. With the help of Gas Grill Advice (, individuals can quickly compare numerous grills to find the one which best meets their needs. From portable grills to gas charcoal combo grills, the site covers a wide range of grills to assist consumers in choosing a new model for this year’s summer pleasure.

“Marinade fruits, vegetables and meats before placing them on the grill for great flavor every time. Some popular choices include lemon and lime juice, garlic, onions, herbs and wines. Studies show marinating foods before grilling helps to reduce HCA formation by more than 90 percent, and be sure to reserve some marinade for use during the grilling process, as a marinade should never touch both raw and cooked food. Two separate dishes need to be used for this purpose,” Steve Purnell, spokesperson for Gas Grill Advice, states.

In addition to marinating meats, it’s best to make use of smaller portions. Doing so reduces the amount of time needed to prepare the meat or fish, and one may precook meat to reduce grilling time even further. When cooking hamburger patties, flip them often to prevent HCA formation and turn the meat without piercing it. Tongs or spatulas are good for this purpose.

The Weber Genesis E-330 remains a popular choice for those who love to grill. With the help of this model, one can cook multiple foods simultaneously, Purnell reports. The grill features 637 inches of cooking area and three stainless steel burners. The sear station and dual stainless steel side tables are additional features found on this model. Try skewering some foods to keep the pieces small and mix up fruits, vegetables and meats, as all taste great when cooked in this manner.  To read the full review and learn more about this grill, visit

For those who find the Genesis E-330 doesn’t meet their needs, Gas Grill Advice provides reviews on a wide range of models, many under $500. When choosing, take into account grilling requirements, quality and budget. Weber carries a number of models in this price range, and Char Broil and Dyna-Glo both offer grills that meet these requirements. See the entire roundup at

“Read through the many reviews offered at Gas Grill Advice. The information provided makes it easy to choose a model that meets your needs in every way. Some may opt for a gas grill while others find they want a gas charcoal combo grill. With so many to select from, every consumer can make an educated decision and begin making great meals on a new grill today. Regardless of the grill selected, the food is sure to taste great and one receives the health benefits associated with cooking in this manner,” Purnell declares.


Gas Grill Advice strives to provide the information consumers need to make an informed decision as to which grill is right for their unique needs. The site reviews a wide range of grills, from portable gas grills to gas charcoal combo grills. In addition, the site provides a grill buying guide to make the process easier.

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