An Epic Puzzle-Adventure Game Won Kickstarter Staff Pick

Winterflame: The other side

Artoncode Studio and Loondon Developers Team Up to Create A Highly Anticipated Beautiful Masterpiece.

Jakarta, Indonesia – April 27th, 2015Winterflame: The Other Side is an epic puzzle adventure created by the award winning team, Artoncode Artoncode. They collaborate with the creators of Loondon, a game praised by many for its haunting story and art, to make the most beautiful game that the gaming world has ever seen. However, in order to complete the development they have turned to Kickstarter Kickstarter community. The project has received more than 150 backers and is recognized as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. The campaign goal is to raise $68,000 CAD by May 29th, 2015.

The story begins with a physically challenged boy named Lev. He feels like an outcast because he is the only human living in a magical community. His only friend, Raina, has gone missing in the Forbidden Forest. In order to find her, he must embark on a journey through the forest and other dangerous areas beyond. The heartfelt story is delivered through this game as a powerful narrative. Players will go on an incredible adventure as one boy tries to save his friend. Along the way, he gains confidence and understanding of what his purpose is in life along the way.

“Winterflame is enchanting and beautiful in every stroke. It is a delicate piece of art befitting the little child in us who refused to give up hope,” says Samuel Chan, CEO of HyperGrowth.

The game has amazing visuals and even the animation of the hero changes according to the story development. Players get the chance to learn four magic skill, explore five beautiful game areas, and solve challenging puzzles. The adventure is a side-scrolling puzzle game with 50 puzzles and 20 magic combinations to overcome. As the player solves these complicated puzzles, they can develop magic skills to fight stronger enemies. The captivating graphics, extraordinary design, and rich in symbolism create an experience like no other.

However, to complete development of this anticipated game, the creators need some assistance. Be part of the making of this marvelous adventure and make a contribution by visiting Kickstarter or clicking here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support. One of the most tempting rewards is 3” and 5” minifigures of Lev, the hero, printed by SandboxR.

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the funding goal, then it can be years before Winterflame actually becomes a reality. So know that a donation of any amount counts. Please spread the word about the new game on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Let others know how they can help!

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