Voters Mandate – Revolutionizing the Voting System for a Better Tomorrow

Creators Launch and IndieGoGo Campaigns to Make this Change Possible

Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom – April 27, 2015 – Voters Mandate is a movement that aims to improve the United Kingdom’s voting system. In order to gain support and shed light on the need for change, organizers have launched campaigns to raise £4,650,000 GBP. Funds will be used to make this voting system a reality, which will focus on the people’s needs based on the majorities policy priorities.

There is a growing call to change the options for voting in the UK. Government is completely out of touch with what the citizens actually want. This is why Voters Mandate was created. The call for a reform will expand voting from voting for one single candidate or party to actually voting for administrators that align with the country’s needs. This movement will also encourage parties to get serious about what policies they actually support and relay this to the people.

Creators of the campaign hope to rekindle the political spirit in the country’s citizens ranging from all ages. The goal is to develop a voting system where Members of Parliament are committed to profiling themselves by individually prioritizing on current policies. People will also be able to vote and organize their preferred pressing issues and policies. Based on the people’s priorities, this will inform the government of what matters to focus on based on the people’s needs.

With new advanced technology, voting will be made easy and more convenient. People can voice what policies need to be changed at any time without having to wait years for the next election. In this new voting system, citizens of the UK can instantly agree or disagree on new urgent political issues. Individuals will have the chance to interact with others about policies and post his or her ideas. A system like this is possible and with the help of supporters, Voters Mandate can make this a reality. It is time to be selfless and act now. Do not wait until the current system has completely failed to take an initiative.

Give people the chance to have more say in how the country spends money and future changes towards a better tomorrow. Citizens can effectively instruct administrators with clear priorities to make each vote count.

Those wishing to make a contribution to the campaign can do so by visiting or and voting for this change on Virgins #VOOM Funds raised will go towards lobbying the government to adopt this change, along with acquiring a fast network hub and equipment needed to deliver the new voting system. There are future plans to build an information OS independent app so people can vote and view voting trend data as well. As a “thank you” for the support, backers can choose from many attractive rewards.

Please share this on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The more people know about The Voters Mandate the faster the campaign can reach its goal. Together, the people’s opinions can finally be heard!

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