ShapingBits launches Kickstarter with 3FXtrud desktop 3D printers with advanced features for true free-form and multi-material additive manufacturing

Introducing the models 3FXtrud Uno and 3FXtrud Duo the next generation of multi-material capable, high resolution, fast, safe, and easy to use 3D printers

Albuquerque, NM – ShapingBits announces, via a Kickstarter campaign, the launch of 3FXtrud Duo and 3FXtrud Uno multi-material capable 3D printers that allow makers and companies to build functional objects in engineering thermoplastics with material properties matching their applications and prototyping needs.

The new ShapingBits 3FXtrud Duo is a fully featured 3D printer, designed to push the boundary of what is achievable with desktop additive manufacturing. 3FXtrud Duo is a dual extruder, true free-form fabrication 3D printer, with advanced features for 3D printing with the largest variety of engineering thermoplastic materials, a tool for professionals wanting the most capability within one system. It builds functional objects with material properties matching your applications, from soft and compressible (rubbery) to hard and high strength, and from low to high melting temperature. True Free-Form Fabrication (3F) can be achieved when any shape can be printed. 3FXtrud Duo uses a multi-material dual extruder thus can print a large number of thermoplastics along with any two combinations of such materials. With 3FXtrud Duo you can print any 3D geometry with overhangs, bridges, internal spaces with internal objects, all possible by using dissolvable support materials. 

ShapingBits 3FXtrud Uno is a single extruder 3D printer designed with advanced features for easy 3D printing in a variety of engineering thermoplastic materials. 3FXtrud Uno focuses on projects who need to build objects in hard, flexible, and soft (rubbery) engineering and renewable thermoplastics, that can all be 3D printed with a universal extruder system. It is the next generation of multi-material capable, high resolution, and easy to use desktop 3D printer.

At the core of 3FXtrud 3D printers is an advanced multi-material extruder printing head with an all-metal construction that excels at printing a broad range of thermoplastics, from renewable to engineering grade thermoplastics. It was specifically designed to print thermoplastic materials with very different physical properties, from hard to flexible to soft (rubbery) engineering thermoplastics, from low temperature renewable plastics to engineering materials. It can print FDA approved materials. The extruder on the ShapingBits 3FXtrud printers was designed to provide low maintenance and prolonged utilization, by reducing stripping, skipping and jamming, and employs a tool-less constant force filament feeding system that is simple to use and setup for different materials.

A key feature for supporting a broad range of materials is the ability to control the temperature of the printing platform. 3FXtrud printers come with a high temperature heated bed that can sustain up to 130 °C continuously along with an extremely flat and removable glass surface for improved adhesion and to prevent warping for a large range of thermoplastic materials. 

Further, for even more control over a broader range of materials, 3FXtrud Duo has a fully enclosed build volume that eliminates air drafts and provides a stable air temperature profile by trapping the heat. As a result, interlayer stress in the built objects is minimized, which results in stronger parts and better quality 3D printed objects. A particle and activated carbon air filter with air temperature homogenizer for odor free operation can be installed, which provides a uniform temperature profile for the enclosure. For the mavericks wanting even more control and desire to work with experimental materials, a closed loop air temperature conditioner can be installed for an extended enclosure air temperature range. 

3FXtrud were designed with advanced features that make them very user friendly. Good adhesion of the 3D printed object to the printing surface is extremely important and requires careful alignment of the printing surface. 3FXtrud is user friendly even for first time users by automatically performing the bed alignment before 3D prints. In order to handle a large variety of materials, the extruder system was designed with a tool-less constant force filament feeding mechanism that can be easily adjusted for different hardness of the materials. 

Supported materials at this moment are: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), Nylon (aliphatic polyamides), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers), PC (Polycarbonate), PC-ABS (Polycarbonate – ABS blends), HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol), PLA (Polylactic acid), PETT poly(ethylene-co-trimethylene terephthalate), PLA metal/ceramics blends, PLA wood, PLA Carbon Fiber, PLA Conductive, ABS Conductive. FDA approved materials can also be 3d printed.

3FXtrud printers are the evolutive result of five+ generations of 3D printers extensively tested with every single supported material. Some of our previous printers are in use by makers and engineers in their homes, research labs, companies (from Sandia National Labs to toy companies), and universities.

ShapingBits has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will last until May 22, 2015. Funds will go towards the manufacture of the 3D printers, and the development of new models and features. 

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ShapingBits develops and markets high performance desktop 3D printers and their multi-material 3D printers are used by makers, engineers, and researchers in their homes, research labs, companies, and universities (from Sandia National Laboratory to toy companies to R/C scale parts shops).

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