KeyStock Announces Different Account Types Based On Personal Expectations

KeyStock has gained reputation due to the wide variety of trading services based on foreign currency exchange trading. The company gathers together some of the most reputable specialists in this industry, only to guarantee for high quality standards.

KeyStock has recently announced diversifying its account portfolio in three different directions. The company hit the market with one account type only. Users had the same benefits and facilities, as well as identical requirements. Today, potential traders have access to three different accounts – mini, standard and exclusive. Each of them has its own characteristics and specifications.


The mini live trading account provides everyday research, as well as detailed trading tutorials, seminars and webinars. Users have access to a dedicated account manager and 24×5.5 customer service. They can trade on all kinds of platforms, such as desktop computers, smartphones or tablets. The minimum deposit is $1,000. This account is mostly recommended to beginners. Of course, there is always room for upgrades in case traders want to push their limits.

The standard account has a few extra facilities. Just like the mini one, it offers access to tutorials, webinars, seminars, dedicated account managers and a detailed customer service. Unlike the mini account, traders will also benefit from news signals on their smartphones. SMS services are included in the price. Moreover, daily analyses are mentioned as well. But then, the minimum deposit requirements are higher. Users are supposed to deposit $5,000 to start trading.

Finally, the exclusive account is dedicated to VIP traders. It is more appropriate for professionals. New traders have all the facilities available for other accounts. There are two major differences though. First, they need to deposit at least $20,000. Second, they gain access to a deeply customized customer service. The premium help goes into deeper details, which means that it employs more advanced trading experts. KeyStock recommends this type of account to those who are experienced in trading foreign currencies.

About the company

KeyStock is currently one of the leading Forex trading portals in the world. It provides a deeply customized service and allows access to three different types of accounts. It also offers trading capabilities on three different platforms – Meta Trader 4, Web Trader and Mobile Trader.

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