KeyOption Brings In the ProOption Tool Program for Binary Options Traders

KeyOption has become one of the leading portals in the UK for those who are interested in trading binary options. The company provides access to all types of stocks, indices, commodities and currencies, only to help traders in diversifying their portfolios.

Despite being based in the UK, KeyOption provides the same facilities and account types to customers and traders from all over the world. It has recently announced the implementation of an extra feature for advanced users who want to take their trading experience further. The ProOption is specifically designed for professional trading. It comes with a few extra advantages over traditional and basic accounts.


While binary options may look new, a lot of traders have already gotten a wide experience in this field. Taking advantage from the immense features index of KeyOption has never been easier. The ProOption package is practically an amalgam of tools. While this concept is unique in binary options trading, it does not ask for any major experience in activating the tools. They are all sophisticated and go into deep details. Tools are meant to underline innovation and boost the trading capacity. While this package is mostly directed to intermediary and advanced traders, newcomers are free to join the fun too.

ProOption tools are developed to help in developing a powerful strategy, but also to strengthen the current one. With time, traders’ skills will inevitably advance as well. New users are free to see histories and identify trends, analyze asset information and date with more specific graphs, double up before the trade is over and even sell early if they have a bad feeling about the trade. Furthermore, even the exit can be delayed. Of course, some of these features ask for extra investments. For example, postponing the exit asks for a 30% extra investment. With all these, the risks are significantly lowered.

Each type of account has its own specifications though, so traders are advised to make sure that they sign up for what can match their skills and experience.

About the company

KeyOption is deeply customizable and designed to match all types of binary options traders. From newbies to advanced traders, there are specific tools for everyone.

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