Diabetes Pet Manager Launches on iPhone Application

Owners of diabetic dogs and cats now have an easy way to organize the tasks related to pet care. The Diabetes Pet Manager is a new application for iPhones that allows owners to manage pet medications and other tasks simply.

Diabetes Pet Manager is an app that is compatible with iOS platforms and allows users to organize all their diabetic pet care tasks in one easy application.  Available at http://diabetespetmanager.com/diabetes-pet-manager-iphone-application/, this program allows pet owners to plan and manage tasks such as giving medication or injections, monitoring weight, feeding, blood glucose and entering data to use when speaking to a veterinarian.  The program allows easy organization of all pet diabetes data as well as alarms to alert the pet owner of upcoming tasks.

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“More than with many other diseases, diabetes requires pet owners to take an active part in their pet’s care,” note Diabetes Pet Manager experts.  “This demanding task requires careful organization, so this iPhone app is a great way for pet owners to keep up with the large amounts of information necessary to manage pet diabetes.  With help, diabetic pets can live long and healthy lives.  This app will help pet owners take care of their pets the way that they want to:  with sound practices and instant links to professionals if the need arises.”

Video Link: https://youtu.be/kORvbtVDMtk

Diabetes Pet Manager is one of a very few veterinary apps that helps owners control chronic disease management as well as giving them a wide range of information about their pet’s disease at their fingertips.  It builds curves for blood glucose readings so that owners can track rising and falling levels, records symptoms and performs a variety of other tasks beyond simple tracking of insulin, weight and food.  The app also allows data to be sent directly to the vet or to an emergency service.

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About Diabetes Pet Manager: 

Diabetes Pet Manager is an app created for diabetic pet owners to help them handle the numerous tasks and large amounts of data surrounding the care of a diabetic pet.  With help from this iPhone app, pet owners can ensure their pets a long, healthy life and the very best care possible.

The Diabetes Pet Manager home screen

The Blood Glucose Curve produced by the app

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