Businesses Eye Juice Bar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as Revenue Generators; Installations Increase Significantly

As electric vehicle charging stations gain popularity, more businesses want to get them installed.

More and more businesses are now installing the popular Juice Bar electric vehicle charging stations at their facilities. Like many others, these businesses too want to show their support for sustainability and bring in more customers. Juice Bar EV Charging Stations are the perfect billboard of sustainability according to the leading EV charging station manufacturer.

“We recently exhibited our EV Charging Stations at the Buildings New York show in Manhattan and have been receiving requests from businesses for these unique charging stations at their facilities,” says a spokesperson at Juice Bar EV.  “Our charging stations offer a fantastic way to create revenue through advertising, incremental usage fees or by simply adding to the amenities already offered by businesses to their customers. The Juice Bar EV Charging Station’s remote monitoring feature and superior flexibility are other key reasons why they are in great demand among business owners.”

Many top businesses across the country have installed Juice Bar EV charging stations. Rocky Mountain Institute has even compiled a guide outlining electric vehicle charging station cost comparisons, for both businesses and individuals. Businesses are excited by reports of significant additional revenue that these Juice Bar EV charging stations can bring in by attracting new and loyal customers. Many customers tend to support businesses that encourage a changeover to electric mobility.

It is not rare to come across enterprises that have installed Juice Bar EV charging stations as a public service to encourage use of electric vehicles. These businesses soon realized that electric car charging stations can also offer revenue generating opportunities and boost their bottom line.  “EV charging stations are like hummingbird feeders.  Once installed, they show up on EV charging maps and bring drivers from all around to charge their cars, supporting the businesses in the area while they juice up,” says one resourceful business person who is reaping the benefits of his innovative business investment.

Juice Bar EV has emerged as one of the leading electric car charging station manufacturers. Their high quality charging stations provide a unique “parking meter” like business opportunity.  Businesses can easily add this new revenue generating service to bolster their profits with a Juice Bar Electric Vehicle charging station.

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About Juice Bar EV:

Juice Bar® EV is a premium provider of electric vehicle charging stations and is known for their highly visible charging stations that come with an optional client logo design. The company is focused on providing business owners with a wonderful income generating opportunity that can be customized to their business facility and requirements. They can partner with sponsors and advertisers to offset the cost and are free to charge or not charge a fee from their customers.

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