VariSense Announces New Bluetooth Temperature Probe To Enhance Real-Time Wireless Monitoring Solution

VariSense, an innovative solutions company, has announced a new integrated Bluetooth temperature probe that will help users enhance their real-time wireless monitoring solution. VariSense specializes in safeguarding perishable assets via a wireless sensor monitoring and alerting system.

May 05, 2015: VariSense announced the launch of its latest mobile application in a small press meet here today. In addition to wireless fixed sensor monitoring, the application is now available with Bluetooth Temperature Probe support that provides real-time wireless sensor data obtained using a handheld probe. The collected data is sent automatically to VariSense’s tamper-proof, secure cloud storage.

VariSense is the top standard temperature and humidity monitoring solution of refrigerated assets in food-service, healthcare, and walk-in and freezer applications including cold storage facilities, restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets. This unique system has a number of sensors and temperature probes that provide a complete monitoring. It also has other sensors, including gas, smoke, door, motion, Ph, Bluetooth Temperature Probes and other environmental sensors. VariSense is capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication, focusing on industry and compliance standards such as HACCP.

Speaking to media, Dan Weaver, the marketing director from the VariSense said, “Food safety and food quality monitoring is critical to saving inventory loss due to refrigeration problems. The VariSense solution saves time and human error by automating the monitoring and compliance requirements with secure, tamper-proof data storage.”

The powerful wireless VariSense sensors are battery operated; there is no need for external power.  Sensors can be easily placed directly inside refrigeration equipment, eliminating the need for wires running through the equipment. VariSense Bluetooth and tethered probes work with the VariSense mobile application to measure temperatures where a permanent sensor is not required.  These probes help reduce the cost and time spent manually checking temperatures constantly.

All VariSense systems are preconfigured and can be installed in no time. The latest mobile app is available on the Apple iTunes Store and on Google Play. The VariSense company mission is to make food storage and preparation safer for the world by using latest technologies and best priced models.

About VariSense

VariSense is a smart app that specializes in protecting perishable assets via a wireless sensor monitoring system. The app provides instant alerting, fast-automated checks, and immediate notification when anything goes wrong. Since 2012, VariSense is famous for offering the most affordable and highly reliable alternative to existing wireless and hardwired monitoring solutions.  

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