Financial Advisor John Wu Reaches No. 1 on Amazon Bestseller List

Retirement With No Stock Market Risk, No Tax Risk & No Penalties For Using Your Own Money” has hit #1 for three different categories on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Financial Advisor, John Wu shares his top tax-free retirement tips in his new book, “7 Secrets Of A Tax-Free Retirement”.

The book officially launched on January, 24, 2015 and secured the rank of #1 Bestseller status in three categories on the day of release. The book continues to trend as of May, 1, 2015.

At the top of Amazon’s bestseller section, Wu’s book beat out industry-favorite titles such as Your Income Tax 2015 by J.K. Lasser and Nolo’s Plan Your Estate by Denis Clifford.

Controlling the three categories of Business and Money, Tax Law and Personal Taxes was a special win for Wu because the successful book launch solidified his position in the marketplace.

Unlike other savings, insurance and investment books, Wu’s book is geared more towards an insider’s conversation as the book was derived from a tele-conference interview. An interview conducted between Wu and a Small Business Trendsetter’s contributor. The goal was to depart from the typical publication style and create an engaging experience for the reader.

The 7 Secrets Of A Tax-Free Retirement book aims to provide consumers already investing in traditional investment vehicles an alternative option. An option that allows the client to secure growth without risk to principal, maintain control of their investment dollars and flexibility to withdraw funds without penalties.

When asked why he believes 7 Secrets Of A Tax-Free Retirement is unique, Wu states, “Anyone with a 401K, IRA, or any other traditional retirement plan needs to get as much protection as they can; and through the Index Universal Life option, I get to help those people get the ultimate in upside potential and downside protection.”

The book is comprised of three primary subject areas including creating the right retirement plan, protecting loved ones by securing principal investment and mobility that allows access to funds without financial damages.

As a result of the Amazon number one bestseller acknowledgment, Wu has been crowned a leading authority in the Personal Taxes category and, “7 Secrets Of A Tax-Free Retirement: The Wisdom Of Tax-Free Retirement With No Stock Market Risk, No Tax Risk & No Penalties For Using Your Own Money” has been recognized by peers around the world.

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