George Torres, Inventor, Appears in Photo Essay on USA Today About Home Security

George Torres, a Toronto inventor and Locksmith was chosen to participate in a photo essay for regarding how to secure a home from break-ins. Mr. Torres was selected due to his expertise on door reinforcement.

Inventor, George Torres of Eagle Doors and Locksmith Service Inc. in Toronto, Canada was selected out of thousands of home security professionals to appear in a national photo essay in USA Today on the prevention of home break-ins.

Mr. Torres was selected because of his invention’s unique approach to strengthening and securing doors so the risk of break-ins is reduced.

“I’m honored USA Today chose to post that photo essay on their site. I hope it inspires people to take necessary precautions when it comes to securing their homes from break-ins,” says Torres.

The picture used for the photo essay shows Mr. Torres preparing a customer’s front door from their home for the installation of his “Torrsec” invention. After the pieces were securely fitted onto the door it was then re installed in the customer’s home.

George Torres was born and raised in Ecuador. He moved to Los Angeles in 1985 where he became a Locksmith.

In 1989 Mr. Torres moved to New York in order to seek new opportunities. In 1992 he moved to Toronto.

In 2002 Mr. Torres founded Eagle Doors and Locksmith Service Inc. and eventually created his specialized door security system which he named Torrsec.

Over the last two years a pilot project for the Torrsec invention was conducted throughout the Greater Toronto Area where it was installed in over one thousand homes, businesses and institutions. The pilot project has led to expansion opportunities for the Torrsec invention.

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