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4+ Fuel Science brings you to the 21st century with 3rd generation technology.
Much more than fuel additives! 4+ is a brand that represents the science behind modern diesel engines and ultra low sulphur diesel fuel. The days of ‘fuel conditioners’ and ‘additives’ are gone! 4+ Fuel Science brings you to the 21st century with 3rd generation technology. Smart operators who understand diesel performance and demand the ultimate in performance and cost reduction use 4+ fuel science products.

DSG Power Systems Inc., manufacturer of 4+ Fuel Additives has been first to market with modern diesel fuel additives, scientifically designed to address problems occurring in modern diesel engines. 

“4+ Has recognized ahead of most additive manufacturers that new products are needed to deal with the evolution of engines and fuels.” — Percy Hoff, CEO, DSG Power Systems Product development remains the core focus of 4+ Fuel Science. DSG is uniquely positioned to identify real world problems and present products that measurably improve the performance of fuels in modern engines. Antiquated, highly proliferated fuel additives are incapable of dealing with the realities presented by new engine technology.

Hoff notes that 4+ Fuel Additives were one of the first on the market to deal with a condition common in modern common rail fuel injection systems known as IDID (Internal Diesel Injector Deposits). “In modern diesel engines IDID results from a chemical change in the fuel as a result if the high pressures and temperatures in the injection system. DSG combats this breakdown with the inclusion of an anti-foulant included in our line of fuel additive.” — Percy Hoff, CEO, DSG Power Systems.

The company also takes a novel approach in packaging, providing a multi-purpose, highly concentrated formula that provides unmatched value in the market place. “We are confident that a comparison in per gallon treatment rate of our products with industry leaders will highlight the advantages of providing a super concentrated, multi-purpose additive.” — Alex Zoller, Marketing Coordinator, DSG Power Systems. 

When asked to further comment on the impact of this new formulation Mr. Hoff stated: “‘We think this will have a significant positive influence on both immediate diesel fuel performance, as well as adding longevity to the engine itself.

About DSG Canada

DSG Canada, established in 1983 is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based company that specializes in innovative solutions for the diesel-powered industry. It has become an industry leader into the field of specialty fuel enhancement products.

For more information call DSG Canada at 1-800-667-6879, visit our website at www.dieselservices.com, or e-mail sales@dieselservices.com

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