Electronic Cigarette Reviews Launches Publishing New Consumer Reviews Of The Latest E-Cigarette Releases

Electronic-Cigarette-Reviews.com has published a new suite of reviews on the latest products offered by major electronic cigarette brands, to help people make informed purchasing decisions.

Electronic cigarettes were originally devised as a means by which for people to quit smoking. However, due to their advanced technology allowing for a water-vapor based delivery as opposed to a combustible, smoke based method, the cleaner experience was actually preferred by smokers, and the product became a replacement instead. Now, brands compete fiercely over who can provide the best e cigarette on the market. Electronic Cigarette Reviews is a website that independently assesses these offerings, and has just publishes a suite of new content after a spate of new releases.

The ECR Blog features new products including electronic cigars, that look and taste just like the real thing but use vaporizer technology to deliver the flavor and nicotine. New disposable e-cigarettes are also included, offering a single use and disposal equivalent to multiple packs of traditional cigarettes. The site also reviews personal vaporizers, which promise superior customizability. 

Every ECR review guide follows a set format for easy cross comparison, including a general introduction to the product itself, followed by an exploration of its unique selling points, advantages and disadvantages before an overall conclusion is drawn. The product is then rated so as to provide easy cross comparison with competing products on the market. 

A spokesperson Electronic Cigarette Reviews explained, “The reviews we have published are of some of the very latest products to enter the market. New users will be wondering if now is the time to convert to e-cigarettes, while regular users will be wondering if it is time to upgrade. Our reviews provide answers for both these audiences, as well as actionable buying advice for those seeking to buy e-cigarettes as gifts. We have been using these products ourselves for years, so individuals will be getting first-hand, expert insights when reading our reviews.”

About Electronic Cigarette Reviews:

ECR is a new electronic cigarette review site that helps smokers find the best electronic cigarette for their needs. The site regularly adds new reviews and blogs to help keep their community informed and thriving. The site is designed to be accessible and easy to read, and feature independent insights from expert users.

For more information please visit: http://electronic-cigarettes-reviews.com/

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