The Authority Marketing Guy, Stewart Andrew Alexander Hits Five Amazon Best Seller Lists With “Credibility Breakthroughs”

“Credibility Breakthroughs” by The Authority Marketing Guy, Stewart Andrew Alexander hits the #1 spot on 5 different Amazon Best-Seller lists.

“Credibility Breakthroughs” by The Authority Marketing Guy, Stewart Andrew Alexander found its way to the #1 spot on 5 different Amazon USA Best-Seller lists. It captured the #1 spot in Amazon’s Book’s “Media Communication” department while simultaneously holding on to the #1 spot in the “Small Business” department.

The new book grabbed a third, fourth and fifth #1 spot in Kindle’s “Advertising”, “Marketing & Sales” and “Entrepreneurship & Small Business” departments. The book also held an additional six #1 International Best-Seller places on Amazon and is currently available in the Amazon Kindle book store.

Stewart is a Digital Media Strategist who helps Luxury Real Estate Professionals to become the easiest choice their prospects and customers will ever have to make when choosing a professional to solve their problems.

According to Stewart, “For anybody to buy from you, they must first trust you. However, for them to trust you, you must first appear to be credible and trustworthy. You must bring something to the table that breaks down their natural skepticism and gives them sufficient reasons to choose you over your competitors. Establishing instant credibility and trust is the glue that holds the most crucial parts of your business together. It’s the foundation of every marketing piece, every conversation, and every past, present and future transaction.”

Alexander states, “If you are not aiming to establish instant credibility and trust with your target clientèle, you are settling for cents on the dollar, and you are failing to run your business in a manner that will get you and your clients to the level of success you both deserve.”

Stewart Andrew Alexander: “We are living in an age of information overload and your audience’s default response is one of suspicion. Since there are so many choices, it makes more sense for them to take a step back and delay making a decision. In other words, instead of being enlightened by this broad array of information, the opposite occurs. They are so overwhelmed by the nuances involved that they hold back on making a judgement. You may have the best product, the best training, the best qualifications, and the best certifications, but unfortunately, in the eyes of your prospects and customers that’s all irrelevant in the absence of credibility and trust.”

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“Credibility Breakthroughs, How To Establish Instant Credibility And Trust With Prospects And Customers” is available in the Amazon Kindle store at

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