Alewood – The Game of Shooting Dice and Slinging Pints on Kickstarter

Chicago, IL – On April 21 2015, Little Brass Bird launched a Kickstarter campaign for Alewood, a modern 2 to 6 player game of shooting dice and slinging pints.  

“Alewood is the Wild West, outlaw hunting tabletop drinking game that uses your pint glass as a game component. Designed for craft beer & pint drinkers; Alewood allows players to enjoy their beverage while using it in gameplay,” explains the team, “Leverage your sobriety to gain the advantage or cleverly gather your resources to steal the win. Perfect for any drinker and gamer.”

In the game you are one of the last honest citizens of Alewood, a town taken hostage by outlaws! With no means of escape, all hope seems lost. Until one day, a stranger in a black carriage arrives with a mysterious offer. A one way ticket out of town with a payment–in blood. Citizens now turn vigilante as you race to be the first townie to gun down two Outlaws and win a ticket to freedom.

In this game, players roleplay as vigilantes and use their unique special abilities to gain advantages. Alcohol is your ammunition. The emptier your glass, the more bullets you have; but if you run out of ammunition before the end of the game you will be vulnerable to attacks. In Alewood you can engage in duels for other players’ items and money or use the economy as a strategy for taking action.

“As a beer lover and avid gamer, I enjoy having tasty beverages accompany our long tabletop nights,” the creator shares, “There are already so many older tabletop enthusiasts who enjoy the same thing. I wanted to make an elegant drinking game where the focus stayed on the game–using alcohol as a tool, not the goal.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including Alewood Lite (a print-and-play micro version of the game) for $2, a digital package with Alewood Lite and 9 high quality digital copies of the game artwork for $20, or one full copy of Alewood for $40. Backers can receive other cool rewards like Alewood shot glasses, having their name and face illustrated as one of the game’s outlaws, and more!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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