Gadgets & Gizmos: A New Puzzle Or Customizable Art Sculpture, Based On The Geometry Of Life

Amsterdam, NL – On April 19 2015, Creation Arts launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sankakkei, a 3D fractal puzzle based on sacred geometry. 

“Sacred geometry has nothing to do with religion in particular, but it’s called sacred, because it’s a kind of geometry which is universal,” says the creator, Hans van Mechelen, “It’s as old as we know, Pythagoras and Plato have written about it, Leonardo da Vinci and Fibonacci studied it and Beethoven and Mozart used it in their music. It penetrates and connects all things in life.”

Sankakkei is a 3 dimensional geometric fractal puzzle, a customizable art gift, a learning tool, or a set of seeds and rods you can use to create your own designs. There are nine different color series. Four mono-tone designs; Bianco, Black Velvet, Fruity Orange or Hot Pink. Four duo-tone designs; Yin Yang, Buddha, Aïsha or Polka Dot, and one tri-tone design; Trinity. 

Sacred geometry is the basis and essence of life itself – like a blueprint for everything (of all creation). It unifies every field of interest, and not only the different fields within a given field, which normally contradict each other, e.g. in science: the micro and the macro, from atom to planet, where the laws for our inner cosmos don’t apply to our outer cosmos. But also every other aspect of life, from geography to music, spirituality, religion, biology and even psychology.

“I use the fundamental patterns, structures, forms and numeric sequences of the universe and life itself to create fractal designs infused with sacred geometry, to inspire others and share the beauty,” explains Hans van Mechelen. 

With your help, Sankakkei can be factory produced in high quality fine plastic in an unlimited range of colors! In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a Star Tetrahedron double-pack (with 34 seeds and 89 rods) for €16, or a 64 Tetrahedron Cube pack (with 89 seeds and 233 rods) for €36. Backers can also receive a 3 x Star Tetrahedron double-pack for €48, a 5 x Star Tetrahedron double-pack for €69, and a 9 x Star Tetrahedron double-pack for €125.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Sankakkei
Contact Person: Hans van Mechelen
Phone: +31 (6) 424 738 99
Country: Netherlands