Muribot Robotic Educational Platform Launches On Kickstarter

Muribot is a small Compact Disk sized robot designed to introduce people of all ages and experience to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts. It brings university quality robotics platform down to the consumer level, and is designed to be simple to use and the perfect tool to accent any STEM curriculum. Muribot packs the hardware usually seen in university hardware, into something that costs only a bit more than a Mindstorms NXT, creating a product that grows with the skill of the user.

Muribot is packed with 25 sensors including 8 Infrared Proximity and Ambient Light sensors, 3-axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer, Yaw-rate Gyroscope and much more. The internal 900mAh battery takes about 1-2 hours to charge, and provides 6-8 hours of running time per charge. The robot comes pre-loaded with a Remote Control demo making it possible to play with the robot right away.

Code is written in C using MPLab IDE, and with the included Muribot API it is simple and easy to get started. Even the youngest child and most inexperienced adult, can be coding the tutorials in less than 15 minutes out of the box! More advanced users can begin to control the hardware directly, forgoing the API entirely and taking full control of their robot! Muribot is part of the FOSS (Free Open-Source Software) and Free Education movement, and as such is fully open-source and hacker friendly.

Features and Specifications:

• 8x Infrared Proximity Detectors

• 8x Ambient Light Detectors

• 2x Quadrature Wheel Encoders

• 2x Line Detectors

• 3-Axis Accelerometer

• Yaw Rate Gyroscope

• 3-Axis Magnetometer

• Infrared Transceiver

• 1MB On-board Memory

• ~6-8 Hours Battery Life

• Replaceable 900mAh Lithium Polymer battery

• Charging and Programming via USB

• I2C Extension bus to add your own sensors and hardware!

• 1 Year Warranty – If it breaks, we’ll fix it!

By combining ease-of-use with a rich and competitive set of hardware into something that is very affordable, Muribot will be attractive not only to universities looking to upgrade or replace their current platforms but also to elementary school students and hobbyists. These qualities make Muribot significantly different from robotic platforms that are designed for a specific skill level, by opening the doors and bridging the gaps to a high-quality learning experience, Muribot will be a major competitor in the STEM technology market.

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