Ohms and Brass Launches New Subscription Based E Juice Delivery Service For Vapers

OhmsandBrass.com is determined to be the Netflix of Vaping, with a single monthly payment entitling individuals to a month’s supply of e liquids delivered direct to the door, every month.

E-cigarettes have boomed in popularity in the last five years. Once considered a tool to help people stop smoking, the purer, water-based inhalant system free of tar has led many to simply replace combustible cigarettes with vaping. The only downside is sourcing e-liquids, which takes up regular time and effort and considerable organization to ensure users don’t run out before replacements arrive. Ohms and Brass has a new solution, offering a subscription service for e liquids.

Ohms and Brass has their own line of the best e juice manufactured in house and available for wholesale prices to users, as well as a ‘Top Shelf’ premium collection drawn from selected partners. 

This allows users to get the best vape juice delivered to their door on a monthly basis. They do not select random juices, instead they allow subscribers to choose freely from all available options, and customize or update their subscription at any time. 

To celebrate the launch of the service, they are offering a special pre-order subscription for a limited time only. Individuals who subscribe now will get the service at just 8.99, and will continue to pay the special introductory price for as long as they use the service. 

A spokesperson for Ohms and Brass explained, “Ohms and Brass is thrilled to be able to present a 21st century solution to a very 21st century problem. The only downside to e-cigarettes is the relative difficulty of sourcing e-liquids of a high quality and in sufficient quantity to ensure individuals aren’t left empty waiting for the post to arrive. We eliminate that problem with our new service, which is fully flexible and responsive to our users’ needs. With an unbeatable price now available, we urge as many people as possible to sign up.”

About Ohms and Brass:

Ohms and Brass is a premium vape and e-juice subscription for the people. With no curation, no gimmicks and no boundaries, they offer people the ability to vape their way. Users have the best e juice delivered to the door on a monthly basis. This makes the hassle of regular shopping for refills a thing of the past.

For more information please visit: http://ohmsandbrass.com/

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