Chris Wellington and Ray Chow, Mobile Food Industry Leaders, Unveil Mobile App at Tech Conference

Online industry leader in mobile food retail, foosye(tm) unveils new tools to let food truck owners focus on delivering quality food services at the right place, the right time and the right price to maximize revenues.

Las Vegas, NV — Chris Wellington and Ray Chow, mobile food industry leaders unveil ‘foosye’ (taken from the words “food systems”), pronounced: [foo-see], a new mobile app built specifically for the mobile food industry ‘everything food trucks — bumper-to-bumper and beyond’ at Collision, as part of the ‘startup search’ at the conference. Foosye is the only mobile food industry platform servicing food trucks through their API.

The app serves the food truck owner who has always used the Drive, Park & Pray(tm) method of business operations. Foosye allows the food truck owner to predict attendance capacity and preparation for events thus becoming more profitable. With the foosye app, food truck owners can focus on providing a hot meal conveniently, quickly, and reasonably priced, greatly improving their business success.

The foosye app at launch manages scheduling, event marketing, and notifications, and will scale to maintenance systems, ordering, and various additional operational efficiencies for the food truck owner — the secondary tasks around running a food truck business.

Based on his long-term experience operating a food truck business, foosye Co-founder and Chief Food Truck Operator, Ray Chow, got the idea to start foosye when he was challenged in finding a commissary for his own business. “For the food truck owner, finding a commissary is very difficult and is a requirement for every food truck owner. As we discussed other challenges of the business, we realized we had the expertise to streamline the food truck industry by creating a central data hub.”

Chow adds, “Today food truck owners find business opportunities through regional and sporadic communication via web sites, networking, or social media. The level of the success of the food truck owner is directly dependent upon their ability to find the right venues and be found by the public.”

“We are excited about this launch of foosye’s first product and the test of our core API and food truck database,” stated Chris Wellington, CEO and Co-founder. “Launching foosye at a global tech conference where there happens to be 32 food trucks serving attendees, is the ultimate test for our team.” A patent-pending platform, foosye’s initial focus is built specifically around the food truck experience, servicing the 2.7 billion dollar mobile food service industry. Foosye is an agile, responsive, industry-wide platform, focusing initially one hundred percent on the optimal food truck experience for the food truck business owner.

The foosye app is a safe, secure, web-based ecosystem and is a robust, comprehensive business management tool will have simple, easy to understand data to make the best decisions for their business.

About Foosye

Foosye is headquartered in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina in the United States, with satellite offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, New York, and California.

Foosye’s current mission is “everything food trucks — bumper-to-bumper and beyond” for food truck owners, event coordinators, vendors, foodies, commissaries, government bodies, advertisers, and investors.

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