ConicIT™ Announces Cost Effective Mainframe Operational Data Integration with Splunk®

Many companies use Splunk® as a simple, effective way to gather and utilize machine data to gain operational insights into IT Operations from distributed systems. But because there are no cost effective ways to get mainframe data into Splunk, mission-critical mainframe operational data is ignored even though it is part of almost every transaction. That means either siloed operational data or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get mainframe data into Splunk.

ConicIT, the leader in mainframe behavioral analysis and predictive analytics is changing that with their latest announcement of ConicIT for Splunk™ – the only cost effective solution to extract mainframe operational data into Splunk.

ConicIT for Splunk is a simple to install, simple to use agentless way to get mainframe operational data off the mainframe and into Splunk. Using an off system Linux box (or zLinux), ConicIT’s powerful interface lets staff easily select any mainframe operational data they need directly from their familiar mainframe data screens. Once set up, ConicIT tirelessly fetches mainframe data at regular intervals and stores it in Splunk.

“The mainframe is mission critical for most of the Fortune 1000, but mainframe operational data isn’t available in Splunk,” said Eli Hizkiyev, CEO ConicIT. “ConicIT for Splunk enables a fast, simple and cost effective way to get mainframe operational data into Splunk for true end-to-end analysis and troubleshooting.”

But that is only part of the story. ConicIT applies a combination of behavioral analysis, predictive analytics and built-in performance models to deliver context aware dynamic thresholds that enable proactive, meaningful and actionable alerts notifying staff of application performance problems before they affect users.

Instead of after-the-fact detective work to solve performance problems, IT management and operations can focus on first fault problem resolution. That means both alerting IT staff and capturing all the relevant system data during a performance problem so that IT staff has a post-mortem detailed view of application and system status right before, and during the problem’s occurrence. Making this data available allows solving a problem the first time it occurs – providing a dramatic reduction in mean time to repair for transaction slowdowns and performance degradation.

When your system is running smoothly ConicIT extracts a low volume of basic information into Splunk, minimizing ingestion charges while still providing the information needed for basic correlation and historical analysis. If ConicIT senses an anomaly, it can gather deeper information to make sure that appropriate data for post mortem analysis is available in Splunk.

ConicIT becomes your “automated mainframe operator” that tirelessly collects basic operational data and watches your mainframe for anomalies to initiate more costly (and deeper) monitoring activities as needed.

For example, ConicIT can be configured to automatically enable:

• Gathering broad SMF information for the duration of the anomaly for storage in Splunk, for example by automatically invoking Syncsort Ironstream™  (requires Syncsort Ironstream™ license).

• Gathering results from deep dive tools into Splunk, for example by automatically invoking Compuware Strobe™ (requires Compuware Strobe license).

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