Children’s Dress Shop Offers New Coupon Code Price Match Promise To Customers is promising to match the coupon codes of any competitors, so individuals can redeem the same discount but on their online store.

Shopping online was supposed to make everything easier for everyone. And for a time, it did. The problem with making things easier however is that more people can enter the market, leading to more online stores than ever and more competition. While this does lead to lower prices and higher quality goods, shoppers are also left with ‘choice paralysis’, unable to select items on merit for fear of a better deal elsewhere that hasn’t been taken advantage of. Children’s Dress Shop has created an innovative new approach to end that fear, allowing customers to redeem coupon codes from any competitor store at their store, on the same terms. 

Under the new incentive, potential customers can submit any competitor’s coupon codes to Children’s Dress Shop in order to receive the same offer on whatever items were included. Online customers are increasingly used to the practice of finding coupons before making purchases in order to save money, even if it isn’t from their preferred supplier. This approach allows customers the best of both worlds. 

The coupon codes can be redeemed on their entire stock, which is displayed on their website for perusal at customers’ leisure, replete with high quality imagery, comprehensive product descriptions, clear pricing and easy and secure payment options. The dresses include everything from children’s playsuits for summer to flower girl dresses for weddings.

A spokesperson for explained, “We will honor a competitor’s coupon, while also offering free shipping on top of that saving, making our selection the best possible deal without our customers having to do all the laborious work of internet-wide price comparison. It enables total peace of mind and a faster, more streamlined shopping experience, while at the same time guaranteeing the best products we know we provide. We look forward to seeing people take advantage of this deal, and we are happy to be able to provide this opportunity.”

About Children’s Dress Shop:

Children’s Dress Shop is an online specialty retailer in formal wear for children including flower girl dresses, communion dress and pageant wear. Children’s Dress Shop has been established since 2005 in Alabama, New York, Mass, and Connecticut, and sells over 25,000 children’s formal wear pieces per year.

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