Cooperative All-Ages Tabletop Game, Heroic Hustle, Launches on Kickstarter

Austin, TX – On April 28th, independent developer group Window Cats Games launched their first Kickstarter campaign to fund Heroic Hustle, a new all-ages tabletop game featuring a superhero theme, a diverse cast of characters, and original art by WootLabs author and game co-creator Joe Kleinman.

“We designed Heroic Hustle with a core concept in mind: to play with your friends and family, not against them,” said co-creator Chris Tilton. “Our aim was to capture the feeling of bravery and exhilaration of being a superpowered hero fighting against villainous forces and overcoming impossible odds and give players the opportunity to share that as part of a team.”

The Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to finalize artwork, print physical copies of the game, and arrange for distribution. Within 5 days of posting, the project hit 30% of its fundraising goal. 

“We’re so grateful for the support. We’ve designed Heroic Hustle to be easily grasped and enjoyed by players as young as 8 years old, but with enough depth and strategy to engage experienced gamers,” said Kleinman. “We’ve play-tested the game with players from age 8 to 50, and we’ve been excited to see people respond with enthusiasm.” 

Rewards for backers at different levels include a digital print-and-play copy of the game; a full game box including a game board, tokens, and over 100 unique cards featuring original heroes and villains; and a printed “lore book” that includes detailed backstories on all included characters. Higher reward tiers give backers the chance to work with the creators to have their own original characters brought to life in the game! 

Window Cats Games is the partnership of Joe Kleinman and Chris Tilton. Kleinman, an experienced artist with ten years of experience in print production, is the author of the webcomic WootLabs. Tilton, a graduate of New York University’s acclaimed film program, brings five years of experience in the gaming industry and a lifelong enthusiasm for storytelling.

For more information and updates, find Window Cats Games on Twitter as @windowcatsgames and on Tumblr at Their Kickstarter campaign can be found at

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