Remote Monitoring Made Easier With Completely New Stealth Keylogger from Isafesoft

Sometimes, being able to monitor what a person does on their computer is essential to ensure that everything is going ahead alright, or that the person in question is safe. With this in mind, various companies like iSafeSoft have worked hard in order to create facebook keyloggers and more, capable of saving all of the needed information, while also granting users a great platform which can later be used in order to take a look at the information that has been acquired.

iSafeSoft has recently started marketing a new product, known by the name of All-in-One Keylogger PRO. This particular program can pretty much keylog everything that a user does on a personal computer, both offline, but also on the Internet. With this in mind, once installed, the software will monitor any keystroke in all of the input language formats including Indian and Arabic. However, a keylogger is only good in the case that users are not aware of it. With this in mind, the platform is stable, safe and 100% invisible both in the taskbar and in the task manager, which is great news for all of those using it.

What’s even better is that all of the logs are automatically sent over to Gmail and Google Drive based on the settings that have been made, which means that users do not have to go to the computer in order to retrieve the content. Together with this, another exciting feature is that users can go ahead and monitor sounds from the microphone as well, but also from online chats. This strongly lowers the privacy of the person using the computer, which is exactly what is desired, as monitoring is an activity that has to be done from time to time, to ensure that employees are doing their job right, or that family members are safe.

The remote spy also allows users to remote monitor the computer, which means that whatever someone does on it, can be seen by the person who has installed the Keylogger. Based on everything that has been outlined so far, iSafeSoft represents the global leader in computer and Internet security, and this great keylogger will bring it even more sales.


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