MeezyCube: A Protective Case for MacBook Charges Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon!

MeezyCube is finally the answer to frayed cords, scratches and dirt that afflict Apple MagSafe Adapters!  The unique, customizable design prevents the Mac user from repeatedly having to replace the costly charger at roughly $80 each time! The creators of MeezyCube are launching a campaign on Kickstarter beginning May 18th with plans to fund mass production.  The Early Bird Basic Kit will be only $9! 

MeezyCube’s hard plastic outer shell forms a scratch-resistant barrier around the battery. It also protects the power brick from water damage and overheating, allowing it to stand upright for better air flow.  To protect the cord, the design has a soft plastic trumpet that reinforces the integrity of the cord. This trumpet prevents the cord from bending in ways that could lead to damage and fraying. The MeezyCube provides external protection for 45W 60W and 85W MacBook series.

“I love Apple products and take care of all my devises with cases, screen protectors, and other protective measures,” said Leon Spencer, designer of MeezyCube. “After replacing several chargers, I realized that just like my laptop and tablet, my charger needed to be protected from every damage too. This led to the conception of MeezyCube, a simple and customizable way to extend the life of Apple MagSafe Adapters.”

MeezyCube is easy to tailor with 4 interchangeable corner pieces, offering different colors, graphic designs, or finishes. The future plan for MeezyCube is to include branded options so people can show support for their favorite school, sports team, or business. There are countless options for customization, giving MacBook users another way to convey their individuality, making their MacBook a one-of-a-kind expression while still protecting their purchase.

The Kickstarter campaign launches May 15th. Again, the Early Bird Special will be only $9 for a solid color MeezyCube! You will be able to choose from a multitude of colors. Gold and Silver will be offered in a limited number, and a special “Kickstarter Green” will only be available through the campaign! To learn more about MeezyCube and the upcoming campaign, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @MeezyCube


Bulwark Products, LLC is a collaborative effort between Systematic Innovations Unlimited, LLC and Relevant Design, LLC. The company was formed in 2013 to create innovative designs that help protect consumer products across several product lines. In fact, the definition of the word Bulwark means a protective barrier. It currently has several products in design and works in plastics, metals and rubbers, creating protective covers primarily for electronic components.

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