Top Quality Neodymium Block Magnets Available From American Applied Materials

Recently, American Applied Materials, a famous rare earth magnets manufacturer and wholesaler, has introduced its neodymium block magnets and launched a special offer on all its neodymium magnets.

“Our neodymium magnets are made of a special NdFeB alloy, and our neodymium block magnets can achieve an extreme adhesive force of up to 200 kg. On our website, you can find blocks in many specifications and grades. We are proud of offering such quality made magnets to our customers worldwide. The spokesman for the company says.

According to an engineer of the company, neodymium magnet, also known as NdFeB, is a type of high performance rare earth magnet made from an alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron. With the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure, neodymium magnet has the highest energy product and highest coercivity.

As a fact, most block magnets have their north and south poles on the two largest areas. American Applied Materials can do custom designs for customers based on their special requirements. All the products from this company can be applied in OEM and industrial applications with rigorous throughput and uptime requirements

Neodymium Block Magnet is a common type of neodymium magnet. They can be assembled together in iron housing to provide magnetic field for electromagnetic motors. American Applied Materials appreciates the recognition from its global customers and applies the latest technology innovation in the industry to make top quality products.

About American Applied Materials

American Applied Materials is devoted to manufacturing and developing high performance permanent rare earth magnets for a wide range of applications. The business provides not only high quality and reliable magnetic products, but also high level buying experience and strong magnet materials supply chain.

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