New Podcast, Credit on Fire, is now available on iTunes

Consumers from the United States and from other regions have all experienced credit problems, and this has become a problem that society now has to get rid of. However, to completely understand how credit reports work, the average busy consumer learning to to improve their credit, now has the opportunity to learn it here on Credit On Fire.

To do so, there are different ways that are currently available, and one of them is the new podcast, Credit on Fire, which is now available on iTunes. Credit on Fire aims to empower busy consumers on how to take control of their credit to live a better life. To be able to teach and give pure credit content, the podcast takes an interesting approach, as it currently focuses on topic interviews, education, but also strategies that are geared towards busy consumers that have trouble when it comes down to managing or understanding their credit report. 

The most recent episode that has aired features Michelle Patterson, who is the CEO of the California Women’s Conference. She reveals what she has done in order to overcome a $1.8 million dollar deficit, and what she learned along the way. By understanding what the right strategies are, but also listening to the examples that other consumers are willing to provide, not only can a consumer limit his spending activity, but they’ll also be able to learn what the secrets and tactics are to keeping a good credit report.

Podcast host Rafael Arce says, “I’m bringing 8 years of experience in the credit and debt business, now I’m passing it on to you Credit Nation.”

Fans of the show can contact Rafael via email, to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast. To listen to the podcast visit iTunes.

The podcast is currently being released on a weekly basis, and is available for subscription, over on iTunes.

For more information, contact Rafael Arce at or visit the official website:

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